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Are Sewing Machine Bobbins Universal? Read Here!

Do all Bobbins Fit All Sewing Machines?

If you’ve tried to buy a sewing machine, you’ve probably realized that the bobbins that come with your machine are not standardized.

Sewing machine bobbins are not universal to all machines. Bobbins are specific to the make, model, and even the brand of sewing machine.

The bobbin that came with your machine differs from bobbins sold by other manufacturers. This makes life difficult when you need to match up different bobbins to make sure they all fit into your machine.

The bobbin is the heart of your sewing machine. It is full of tiny spools inside which are the spools of thread. Each spool holds a tiny amount of thread for use while sewing.

The bobbin can come in different sizes, depending on the type of sewing machine you use. If you have a standard sewing machine, you use a bobbin that is the same size as the machine.

Sewing machine bobbins are small plastic or metal spools that hold threads. They are not universal. They are intended for use with a specific sewing machine.

If you have a special machine like a serger, then you will use a larger or smaller bobbin depending on what type of sewing you will be doing.

Keep reading, to learn more about sewing machine bobbins.

What is the sewing machine Bobbins?

Bobbins are spools of thread that attach to sewing machine needles. Bobbins hold the thread for the needle. They are typically made from plastic or metal, and are “single- or multi-holed”.

Bobbin is the name given to the thread that feeds the needle. Most sewing machines have a bobbin compartment that needs to be filled with thread before sewing can begin.

Couple of Bobbins will vary in size depending on the machine and the type of stitching you are doing, but generally, bobbin sizes will range from 100 to 120mils (US standard) to 300 to 400mils.

Single bobbin are placed on top of the machine needle and a hole in the bobbin fits over the sewing machine needle.

One end of the thread is pulled through the hole in the bobbin and the other end is tied to the thread spool. The thread is then wound around the spool.

Are Sewing machine Bobbin cases Universal?

Bobbin cases are three plastic containers each with a clear plastic lid. The bottom container holds a bobbin thread (a length of thread, usually white, that works with your machine to make your fabric).

The top container holds the most recently used bobbin thread and also a piece of plastic that holds the bobbin in place. 

If you own a sewing machine, chances are you’ve heard of Bobbin cases. It’s a box that holds your bobbin full of thread and serves as a place to put it when you’re not using it.

It’s usually made of some plastic or cardboard, but Bobbin styles cases are very flexible, and you can find them in many colors and designs. 

Yes, most variety of bobbin types are universal, but the shape and size of the bobbin can vary, so be sure to check your machine’s specifications before purchasing.

Sewing Machine Bobbin cases fit a specific model of sewing machine. In order to confirm whether your machine requires a bobbin case, please contact the manufacturer or check the bobbin specifications.

Two Types of Sewing machine Bobbins

Both metal and plastic bobbins have the same size openings. When selecting a bobbin, you will need to know the size of the spool opening.

The most common spool sizes are “Standard”, “Jumbo”, and “Extra Jumbo”. However, there are advantages to both kinds.

Here are two different types of sewing machine bobbins:

  • Metal bobbins

The metal bobbins are used with metal spools. These original bobbins are types of bobbin which is used in a sewing machine.

Metal bobbins are used by sewing machine manufacturers to house the spool of thread and make a smoother thread path.

Heavier metal bobbin ones are more durable than those made from plastic.

  • Plastic bobbins

A plastic bobbin is a container used to store thread. It is used to feed thread to a machine that requires thread through a needle.

Lighter plastic bobbin  ones are easier to clean because they don’t rust as easily. They’re also cheaper.

Plastic bobbins are plastic-based bobbins used in sewing machines. They are the standard in the industry and the most widely used as they are more durable than the wooden pack of bobbins.

How to Select an Appropriate Sewing Machine Bobbin Size?

Need to select an appropriate bobbin size for your machine?  Too many people try to select a bobbin size based on their needs, without considering how their machine works.  

Several things factor into the size of your sewing machine’s bobbins, which are used to hold the fabric you are sewing and the thread you are using. It’s important to match the size of the genuine bobbin to the correct needle type.

Here, we will walk you through some of the finer points of selecting the bobbin size for your machine.

  • Sewing machine bobbins come in different sizes. You must choose an appropriate bobbin size based on the type of fabric you are using.
  • The appropriate genuine bobbin size is determined based on the weight of your fabric.
  • Select the bobbin size in accordance with the type of machine you use.
  • If you are using a quilting machine for example, then use a size that is appropriate for quilting.
  • For most sewing purposes, you will need the correct bobbins, but if you are doing a lot of embroidery, then use a larger size.

The Importance of Using the Right Bobbins

We all have experienced the frustration of trying to store our sewing supplies out of the way, and having them run off the shelf and break into a million pieces.

But what causes this? The generic bobbin is the culprit. The way we store our Bobbins can have enormous consequences on how well they will last.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, it is important to pay attention to the type of Bobbins you use. The right type of Bobbins can save your tons of money in the long run.

The bobbin is a small spool that holds the thread which is wound around the bobbin casing. The thread is then passed through the bobbin tension discs and the needle and looped into the fabric.

The correct bobbin is a very important part of the sewing machine and you should always use the right bobbin for the type of thread you are using.

You should use bobbin types when sewing machine needles are moving with speed. This will help you avoid the tangling of the thread, which can cause the needle to break.

In addition, it’s also very important to make sure that you have the right bobbin case or bobbin cover for your machine.

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