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What Is Spun Polyester Fabric? Know Here

Spun polyester is a new type of polyester fiber that is extremely durable and has a high melting point. It is spun into fiber that is very similar to linen, making it the perfect choice for upholstery and other textiles that require durability.

If you want a fabric that is completely washable and easy to care for, spun polyester is the way to go! What are some benefits?

  • Durable – Spun Polyester can be washed in hot water multiple times without losing its strength or color. This makes it ideal for use on furniture where frequent washing may occur.
  • Easy Care – The fibers have an anti-static coating which prevents static build up when used with dry cleaning machines. They also repel dust mites so they won’t attract them like regular cotton fabrics do.
  • Washable – Unlike most synthetic materials, spun polyester does not shrink after repeated washes. You can even machine wash this material at temperatures as low as 40 degrees F.
  • Wrinkle resistant – Spun polyester has high wrinkle resistant properties because of its unique structure.

When woven together, the individual strands form tiny air pockets between each strand. These small spaces prevent wrinkles from forming during normal wear and tear.

What should I know before buying?

There are two types of spun polyester:

100% polyethylene terephthalate and 50/50 PET/polypropylene. Both offer excellent performance characteristics, but each offers different advantages.

  • 100% polyethylene teretaphthalate is more expensive than 50/50 PET/Polyproplene because it’s made from purer raw materials.

However, it will last longer due to its higher melting temperature. If your project requires long-lasting quality, then choose 100% PET.

  • The second option is 50/50 PET/PP. These blends provide better value by offering lower cost while still providing good performance. However, these products tend to wear out faster than their counterparts.

Spun regular polyester fabric – Is it stain resistant?

Yes, spun polyester is highly stained resistant. In fact, it outperforms many natural fibers such as wool and silk. In addition, it resists stains much better than cotton.

 Advantages of a spun polyester fabric

Spun polyester is a spun filament yarn made from polyester, which has a greater tensile strength and higher melting temperature than polypropylene. The spun polyester yarn has the same properties as polyester filament.

Spun polyester is more elastic, strong and highly resistant to abrasion. It can be used as a reinforcing fabric in various industries.

The spun polyester yarn is used in the production of various products such as hose, covers and tubing, and for the production of textiles such as scarves, sweaters, and tights.

  1. Has color retention ability
  2. Compression abilities
  3. Can used for making outdoor projects due to its mildew resistance
  4. Has fibers into yarns
  5. All-weather fabric
  6. Stretchy fabrics
  7. Stronger fabric
  8. Thicker fabric

Spun polyester has variety of textures

Spun polyester has a long and varied history in textiles and apparel. The first polyester fiber was spun in the 1950s by DuPont and came in two varieties: high modulus and low modulus.

Manufacturers also came up with a variety of other spinnable polyester fibers: rovings, yarns, and even staple fibers in the 1980s. Today, spun polyester is the most common fiber used for polyester and nylon blends in a wide variety of fabrics.

Spun polyester is a versatile textile made from polyester fibers that are spun and then combined with another fiber into yarn, which is then dyed before it goes into fabrics. It’s a great choice for apparel and textiles since it’s wrinkle and fade resistant as well as extremely soft and comfortable.

  • Smooth Texture
  • Soft texture
  • Comfortable texture
  • Crinkly texture
  • Mesh texture
  • Rougher texture
  • Tougher textures

The difference between regular cotton or polyester

Cotton is a natural fiber that has been grown for thousands of years and used in clothing, bedding, towels, etc. It’s soft to the touch but not as durable as polyester.

The cotton fibers are strong enough to be woven into fabric, however they do tend to shrink when washed so it may take more than one washing cycle to get them back to their original size. They also absorb moisture easily which can cause mildew problems if left untreated.

Cotton does have some benefits though like being hypoallergic and breathable.

Polyester on the other hand is synthetic and manmade. Polyester is stronger than cotton because it doesn’t stretch as much and will last longer. It’s also less prone to shrinking after repeated wash cycles.

It’s important to note that both types of materials come in different weights and thicknesses depending on what you’re looking for.

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