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How To Use A Needle Threader For Sewing Machine? Read It Here!

Do you own a sewing machine? If not, then I will assume you want to learn how to use a needle threader and start using it for your machine.

As a beginner, the last thing you want to do is pick up a sewing machine and run it. You absolutely know how to sew, but you aren’t sure how to thread it.

You run your hand over the bobbin area and feel the powerful bobbin winder (or sometimes called the threader), but you don’t know how to use it.

But before you can start sewing, you need to thoroughly read the instruction manual and learn how to use your sewing machine. Then you can start sewing. But what is a needle threader first? 

A needle threader is a plastic tool that makes it easier to thread a needle. It is available in two shapes, a hoop that rolls over a post and a sliding post that is inserted under the needle and thread. Both shapes work but the sliding post is easier to use.

Needle threader can be used for:

1. To select the right needle threader.

2. To put the thread through the eye.

3. To push the needle through the material.

4. To pull the thread through the eye.

How sewing machine threader works?

We all use screwdrivers, pliers and pliers, but very few of us have a screwdriver with a threading attachment. Threader screws are used in all sorts of ways, from threading a needle to threading the machine.

Threader is a tool that helps you align two pieces of fabric by allowing you to feed the thread through both sides of the fabric at once.

If you’re sewing a straight seam, the threader will align the two sides of the fabric for you, helping the seam to lie flat.

It’s the one that looks like a tiny sewing needle on a little shaft, which you insert into your machine’s needle-threading hole to draw up some thread to feed it through. Usually, it’s called a threader. But usually, they work the same.

Steps using a needle threader 

Threading a needle can be a tedious and difficult task. The needle threader can help with this task by threading the needle for you. You can use it in your sewing machine, sewing machine accessories, or even in your home.

  • To use the needle threader, thread the needle.
  • Open the needle threader.
  • Slide the needle on the thread.
  • Hold the thread on the needle.
  • Push the needle through the material.
  • Pull the thread.
  • Re-thread the needle.
  • Then, close the needle threader.

Benefits of using a needle threader

With the needle threader, you can use the little finger of your right hand to thread your needle and sew with a neat and straight seam.

There are several different needle threaders on the market, which all serve the same purpose. And it show’s below:

  • It is easier and less time-consuming to use than using a traditional threader and needs no electricity or power to run.
  • It is more secure to use than using a traditional threader because you won’t have to worry about your thread unraveling.
  • With a needle threader, you can get a consistent stitch every time.
  • It can create a more professional and beautiful look.
  • To help you sew with a neat and straight seam.
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