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Will A Magnet Damage A Computerized Sewing Machine? Find Out Here!

Do Magnets Harm Computerized Sewing Machines?

If you are new to using computerized sewing machines you might have come across the rumour that a magnet can cause damage to the computer system. 

Will A Magnet Damage A Computerized Sewing Machine?

The truth is, a magnet can indeed cause damage to a computerized sewing machine but this is highly unlikely since most magnets are not strong enough, plus most of the important parts of the sewing machine are behind the plastic casing.

We’ve composed a short guide below which will take you through why magnets can cause damage to computerised sewing machines, why this is unlikely and some other standard dos and don’ts for taking care of your machine.

Why Do Magnets Damage Computerised Objects? 

The idea that magnets can impact computers has been around for a while now, from stories of a strong magnet wiping your hard drive to messing with the flow of electricity in our object. 

We’ve debunked a few myths about magnets and electronic damage below. 

  • It can delete information on your hard drive – The concern about magnets wiping out hard drives is unlikely, it would only occur if the powerful magnet was to sit on your hard drive for a long time, the same goes for items such as floppy disks.
  • Flash – A magnet cannot wipe out a flash drive since it is immune to magnetic fields.
  • Cables – Some cables can be affected by a powerful magnet if they are not protected, for example, ribbon cables will only slightly affect the signal in these cables.
  • Monitor – There was a time when magnets could affect CRT monitors but nowadays LED monitors or LCDs are not affected by magnets.

Why It Is Unlikely Magnets Will Damage A Computerised Sewing Machine

Serious concerns about magnets and computerised sewing machines are mostly myths, it is highly unlikely you will ever have a magnet strong enough to damage your computerised sewing machine, plus the damage from magnets would only happen if it was left on there for an extended time. 

You also need to consider that these industrial machines have a high amount of plastic covers and parts which makes it difficult for a magnet to penetrate and cause serious damage.

If you are very concerned that a magnet could affect your machine then it’s best to check your manual for guidance since it will mention any complications possible with magnets.

Will A Magnet Damage A Computerized Sewing Machine?

Do’s & Don’ts For Taking Care Of Your Computerised Sewing Machine

Computerised sewing machines are expensive pieces of equipment, so knowing how to take care of them properly is key for them to last for a long time. 

We’ve listed a few do’s and don’ts for taking care of your machine below.


  • Always ensure your thread take-up lever is at the highest point before pulling the fabric up to cut it.
  • Ensure that your screws are tightened after maintaining your sewing machine.
  • Leave a piece of fabric under your sewing machine foot when you’re not using your machine and ensure that your foot is left down.
  • Make sure you are sewing in good lighting so that you can have a high quality of work.


  • Avoid resting your foot on the pedal since this can make it heat up and lead to damage to the sewing machine. 
  • Never pull the fabric through your machine instead let it go through the machine at its own pace to avoid damaging it. 
  • Do not rush yourself when sewing, doing so can damage the fabric, needle and the machine.
  • Never turn the sewing machine off by the plug always do it by the switch instead.

Frequently Asked Questions About Magnets & Computerised Sewing Machines

Why can magnets wipe hard drives? 

A magnet can wipe a hard drive if it is left on top of it for prolonged periods. 

Will a magnetic pin cushion affect a computerised sewing machine? 

It is unlikely a magnetic pin will affect how a sewing machine works since the magnets in them are too weak plus the pincushion is likely too far from the inners of the sewing machine to do any long-lasting damage.

Can a magnetic seam guide damage my sewing machine?

A magnetic seam guide is said to be fine to use on the stitch plate of your sewing machine but should not be used near the monitor or LCD due to potential damage.

Will A Magnet Damage A Computerized Sewing Machine?

Last Words

Overall, it is fine to use a magnet near your sewing machine, whether it’s a magnent seam guide or a magnetic pin cushion, it is highly unlikely they are strong enough to do damage to your machine. 

Computerized machines have plastic layers which reduce contacts with magnets and lower their field strength, we would only say to take precautions when using your magnet near the monitor.

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