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What Is A Flat Bed Sewing Machine? Find Out Here!

Our Ultimate Guide To Flat Bed Sewing Machines

If you are looking for a new industrial sewing machine you will likely be faced with a few different options, from flat bed sewing machine body designs to long arm sewing machines. 

What Is A Flat Bed Sewing Machine?

A flat bed sewing machine is similar to a regular model of sewing machine except the flat bed design is best for sewing ergonomics when using fabrics that need to be laid out flat on the machine.

Down below we’ve composed a short guide to take you through what flat bed sewing machines are in more detail, some other types of industrial sewing machines, the main parts of these machines as well as how to use them. 

What Is A Flat Bed Sewing Machine? 

A flat bed sewing machine is a basic sewing machine but with a nice and wide working area for laying workpieces flat. 

These types of machines are best used for sewing clothes and can typically be used for lockstitch or straight stitch.

Other Types Of Industrial Sewing Machines 

Apart from a flat bed sewing machine, there are many other types of sewing machines out there for industrial usage. 

We’ve listed a few other sewing machine designs down below. 

  • Longarm sewing machines – This is similar to a flat bed sewing machine except they have longer beds for excellent sewing capabilities when it comes to objects like umbrellas, tents and other long types of equipment.
  • Cylinder arm sewing machines – A cylinder arm individual sewing machine has a tube-shaped bed design, the industrial sewing workstation, lengths of these sewing machine models vary but they are excellent for sewing cylinder items like caps and bags.
  • Post bed sewing machines – These post bed sewing systems have a raised needle that is above the bed of the sewing machine, it’s great for working with tall items like boots which need a longer space like sewing car seats for example.
  • Feed off arm sewing machines – This design has a u-shaped bed, it’s excellent for sewing consistent seam quality inside of jeans and other clothing.

What To Look For In A Flat Bed Sewing Machine

Flat bed sewing machines are expensive ergonomic industrial sewing stations, so you must choose the right one. 

What Is A Flat Bed Sewing Machine?

We’ve listed some important features to look for in this kind of model below. 

  • Build quality – Ensure that your flat bed machine has a decent build quality with more metal than plastic parts, it should also have a long warranty for buyer’s confidence. 
  • Motor – The motor strength of your flat bed sewing machine should be powerful enough to sew through thicker and more demanding materials. You might also want to check the maximum sewing speed for industrial uses.
  • Needle threader – This is an important part of your sewing machine and makes your life much easier since the machine automatically threads the eye for you.
  • Control options – Your flat bed sewing machine should be easy to control with prominent buttons on the machine to change settings.

Frequently Asked Questions About Flat Bed Sewing Machines

What types of sewing machine feed mechanisms are there? 

As well as choosing the type of sewing arm you should also consider the feed mechanism for other sewing adventures. Drop feed mechanisms are very common, however, you can also find others such as; walking foot, puller feed, manual feed and needle feed.

Which stitch types should my flat bed sewing have? 

You also need to consider the stitch types your flat bed sewing machines have, some to mention are; lock, overlock, straight and zigzag stitches.

What type of sewing machine arm is best for sewing car seats?

The best type of sewing machine arm for car seats is a post bed sewing machine arm since its raised needle gives space for sewing car seats.

What Is A Flat Bed Sewing Machine?

Last Words

To conclude, flat bed sewing machines are great industrial sewing machines thanks to their wide working areas which give you more space for working with flat fabrics, if you are looking to sew other types of materials there are plenty of other body designs. 

Always make sure your industrial sewing machine is of good quality for sewing thicker materials.

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